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What can establish you as an expert?While creating a personal connectionReaching more people, in more placesIt's a podcast with passionPodcasting Course
What can establish you as an expert?While creating a personal connectionReaching more people, in more placesIt's a podcast with passionPodcasting Course

Our podcasting course

Our podcasting course is designed to give you the certainty and knowledge to stop dreaming and start realising your podcast ambitions.

Here’s the deal: you’ll walk away with real skills and be ready to start your series.

1. Support

Learning to feed the podcast content beast requires creativity, confidence and collaboration. So, we bring together a brains trust where you can test your original ideas and set yourself realistic targets. Our trainers will help you realise your point of difference.

2. Practical tools

Building a podcast series involves detailed editorial and technical preparation. Our trainers will show you step-by-step how to shape your podcast – from idea to lift-off. You’ll get to create a checklist that will become your podcast GPS.

3. Practice

This is where we get hands-on. Using role play, we’ll run through interview and recording techniques. Then it’s down to mastering the mix, and learning about aspects such as noise reduction and EQ. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll get to create a mini episode to showcase.

4. Air-check

The only way you can be the best you can be is through feedback. Our trainers will listen to your mini episode and coach you with craft tips on how you can get to the next level. This is an opportunity to discover what’s working well and what can be improved.

The podcaster's

Our podcasting course puts you on same playing field as the professionals. That’s because people and organisations who succeed with podcasting do two things very well.

First, they know their audience and understand their purpose and goals. Second, they put 100 percent of their efforts into strategy, creative execution and scaling.

Want to know the best part? You can now learn the secret to creating a podcast series that people will want to share.

The Power of Planning

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. We show you how to put your ideas into action, so you’re supported for success from the start. You’ll learn how to set podcast goals and devise a plan that will attract your ideal audience. Our training will uncover the best ways to engage listeners and build your community.

Art of the interview

Making people listen to you for longer comes down to interview technique. We teach you how to ask incisive questions, so you can deliver content that lingers in a persons mind long after their ears have stopped listening. You’ll learn the professional interviewer’s craft, and walk away with a toolkit you can apply to every interview.

Effective presentation

Great presentation boils down to sharing stories, dissecting issues and communicating with your audience effectively. It also requires you to be distinct, because your voice and your personality are. We teach you the golden rules of presentation, from the power of pause and pace, to microphone technique. You’ll learn how to connect with your audience in a way that touches and moves them.

Scripting for success

The words you use in your podcast narrative can make the difference between whether listeners are hooked, or switch off. It’s important to assess the reasons you give an audience to listen to a story. We teach you how to write spoken word scripts that sound personable. You’ll learn the skill of plain speaking.

Record, edit, mix

Recording and post-production are critical skills for a professional sounding podcast. We’ll teach you to become technically competent so you can produce podcasts at the highest standards. You’ll learn the tools of the trade so you can provide your audience a listening experience that stops them in their tracks.

Upload & Grow

A podcast is nothing without its audience. We’ll teach you how to get discovered by maximising platforms, utilising SEO, and choosing artwork that pops. You’ll learn how to launch, as well as how to be a consistent publisher.

Our podcasting course success stories

Our powerful podcasters

Caron | Podcast Production Agency | WRITTEN & RECORDED

With patience, skill and good humour, Written & Recorded enabled me to launch a cutting edge podcast. I couldn’t be more delighted with the enormously positive response. They’re partners and cheerleaders on every step of the journey.

Competition Lore

Free 30 minute podcasting consultation

We can lend you our trained ears and share our insights to enable you to create an unmissable podcast series. We’re ready to listen.

Use this form to drop us a line and we’ll arrange a time to chat that suits you.

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