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Classroom Adjustments - ADHD(Recorded for the Australian Government Education Department)More details
The Childhood to Adolescence Transition Study (CATS)(Recorded for Education Services Australia)
Doing digital in India(Recorded for The University of Melbourne)More details

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Movember Foundation

Written & Recorded uncovered stories that would have gone untold, found the right characters to bring them to life and then gave good advice to support pitching to media. We commissioned Written and Recorded to write a series of articles about the Movember Foundation’s programs that are improving the quality of life for men diagnosed with prostate cancer and testicular cancer around the world. The project was a complicated one – involving over thirty interviews across multiple timezones and some complex subject matter. Serpil & James handled the process admirably throughout; sharing discoveries, discussing new angles and managing stakeholders.

Paul Mitcheson, Global Marketing Director of Cause

Competition Lore

In a matter of a few months, with patience, skill and good humour, Serpil and James have enabled me to launch a cutting edge podcast – Competition Lore  – and I couldn’t be more delighted with the enormously positive response it has had so far. As an academic used to publishing in scholarly journals that no-one reads, I was green about virtually everything there is to know about podcasting and content creation until I met Serpil and James.  Serpil is a whizz at story-telling and James a master in every aspect of first class audio production. Their passion and enthusiasm was infectious and they have been partners and cheerleaders on every step of the journey.

Professor Caron Beaton-Wells, host of Competition Lore


Serpil and James are great presenters themselves and created a ‘safe’ space for our team to practice their skills and encourages peer review on how to improve. The workshop was the perfect balance of facts, learnings, putting the team at ease and even a bit of fun. We’ve now got a team of designers who are prepared for their next presentation opportunity, and I might even say some are excited about it.

Serpil and James are great presenters and created a ‘safe’ space for our team to practice their skills and encouraged peer review on how to improve. We’ve now got a team of designers who are prepared for their next presentation opportunity, and I might even say some are excited about it. Serpil and James are a pleasure to deal with. They quickly grasped the finer details of our business (even after the first meet) which meant they could tailor their training to our team. I am looking forward to working with them again.

Collette Quinlan, Head of Design


This awesome team helped me launch the Diversity Initiative in our organisation, an initiative which is an important milestone in our company. They were able to explain on every level, what needed to happen in order to get a podcast launched, and make it good quality. Their editing is mind-blowing. It’s without a doubt, the top of the industry, and I’m more than grateful for what we received just as we were supporting a crucial corporate cause. The team even went out of their way to launch the podcast on social media, so that we are able to leverage wider coverage.

Neel Bhattacharya, Senior Consultant


Wayne Lewis from WeTeachMe

The Master Series podcast was only made possible by the expert guidance, knowledge and skillsets of Serpil and James of Written & Recorded. Their craft has shown me how much of a key role that podcasting plays in creating valuable content – podcasting should be embraced as much as possible. Their production is top draw!

Wayne Lewis, Masters Series Host and Sales Manager

Hardy Audio


Serpil and James bring a freshness and enthusiasm to copywriting that is rare to find. Hardy Audio creates radio ads for a broad range of clients with short deadlines, so I need a copywriter that writes quickly and on-brief. Written & Recorded deliver every time. They’ve even driven to Ballarat to meet in my office – I haven’t come across many agencies in Melbourne that will do that!

Lauren Goodrham, Managing Director

The Constant Investor

James Brandis set up an effective micro studio and a number of podcasts for my website theconstantinvestor.com. The very first interview recording we did was during the lunch break of a large investing conference which was extremely noisy! James assured me that I didn’t need to shout, just to let the microphones do the work – and he was right. The deafening noise of the crowd faded into the background and our voices could be heard clearly. James’ recording and editing always made me sound better than I remembered!

Alan Kohler, Publisher