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Content marketing by humans for humans

We’re a content marketing agency with specialist skills in SEO copywriting, professional podcast production, and communications training.

We know what it takes to engage an audience, and we love bringing dynamic new ideas to life, so you can get the best possible return on investment.

With journalism at our core, our approach is simple. Working with you collaboratively, we unearth your story through research and interviews. Then we bring it to life with creative flair, journalistic precision, and original thinking.

What we do

Enabling every organisation to communicate effectively

Every business has a story to tell. While there are no boring stories, there are plenty of boring story tellers.

With imaginative execution we’ll help you tell the right story, in the right way. You can rely on us for relevance, strategic thinking and most importantly, quality – because quality stands out in a sea of choices.

Our work

Our happy customers include…

What's it like to work with us?

British High Commission | Public Speaking Course | WRITTEN & RECORDED

We had a very positive experience working with Serpil and James on our webinar series. They worked effectively under tight deadlines and across multiple time zones to deliver a smooth, entertaining and highly informative series. Serpil was responsive and accountable and kept us in the loop as the event progressed. She is a strategic planner and was always looking for risks and planning ahead to avoid problems. Serpil and James provided expert insight that helped our webinars stand out from others. Thanks both!

British High Commission Canberra
Robbie | Podcast Production Agency | WRITTEN & RECORDED

We’ve had difficulty with copywriters who just don’t get what we do. Written & Recorded bring a journalistic approach to uncovering the story that we want to tell. Not only did they get it, but I could see my words, the way I would express myself, in the copy that they wrote.

Exvos Consulting
Kulja | Public Speaking Course | Written & Recorded

Written & Recorded were invaluable to the success of our ClimateWorks/British High Commission online event series. Serpil and James‘ experience as producers shone through in all they did: their advice to us, the event scripting and guest briefs, and attentiveness to our hosts and audience. Their dedication to our series saw them work across time zones and to tight deadlines.  Thanks team. You have helped us be better at what we do, and we look forward to a chance to work with you again.

Wayne | Podcast Production Agency | WRITTEN & RECORDED

The Master Series podcast was only made possible by the expert guidance, knowledge and skill-sets of Serpil and James of Written & Recorded. Their craft has shown me how much of a key role podcasting plays in creating valuable content – podcasting should be embraced as much as possible. Their production is top draw!

Tessa | Podcast Production Agency | WRITTEN & RECORDED

I was blown away by how great the public speaking workshop was. As someone who has a real fear of public speaking I was quietly skeptical about how much I would be able to put into practice. I can honestly say that I came away with some brilliant tools to assist my presentations.

APR Creative
Alan | Podcast Production Agency | WRITTEN & RECORDED

James set up a micro studio and a number of podcasts for my website The Constant Investor. Our first recording was during a large investing conference. He assured me I didn’t need to shout, just let the microphones do the work. James’ recording and editing always made me sound better than I remembered!

The Constant Investor
Amir | Public Speaking Course | Written & Recorded

Empowering and encouraging. How valuable would it be to you to empower your team to simply and concisely present the best of your organisation to a diverse range of clientele, and being able to speak into their unique contexts? For us, priceless . And Serpil and James delivered by providing an effective and reproducible pitching framework combined with empathetic coaching that encouraged and built confidence. Like an irresistible Tim Tam they combined knowledge and competence with a sweet centre of sensitivity and creativity. Thank you James and Serpil for more than just a course but helping many of us grow as communicators.

Katharine | Podcast Production Agency | Written & Recorded

It has been a delight to work with Serpil and James on the trailer and first episode of our podcast. Their invaluable advice and skillful editing transformed the material I gave them and let the story and the guests shine. In such a difficult year, it was bliss to find one thing that was so easy and exceeded all expectations.


Their clarity and prose illustrated how important good writing is. These learned skills have proven invaluable over time, to become powerful tools of communication and influence.

City of Stonnington Testimonial | WRITTEN & RECORDED

We engaged Serpil Senelmis to interview founder and CEO of Australia’s Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Kon Karapanagiotidis, for our 2018 [untitled] Literary Festival. We found Serpil to be a skilful and sensitive interviewer and presenter; prepared, professional and a pleasure to work with. Serpil and James were extremely generous with their time and expertise.

Stonnington Library and Information Service
Collette attended our Public Speaking Course

Serpil and James are a pleasure to deal with. They quickly grasped the finer details of our business which meant they could tailor their training to our team. We’ve now got a team of designers who are prepared for their next presentation opportunity. I’m looking forward to working with them again.

Melissa | Podcast Production Agency | Written & Recorded

Written & Recorded partnered with the Interchange team to get us started on our podcast series, Culture is the Driver. They took the time to bring our vision to life with research, interviews and creative storytelling. They were great to work with and we appreciated their support and guidance.


Serpil and James undertook a series of writing workshops with the studio. They tailored their presentation to our particular requirements and type of work. They were relevant and led the workshop in an engaging and compelling manner.

Lucy | Podcast Production Agency | WRITTEN & RECORDED

Working with Serpil and James has been a pleasure. They took care of all of the interviewees to ensure they were comfortable and felt supported. Their questions elicited wonderful insights and the podcast editing process was a dream. The whole process was wonderful and I’m so happy with the outcomes.

Education Services Australia
Hardy Audio | Podcast Production Agency | WRITTEN & RECORDED

Serpil and James bring a freshness and enthusiasm to copywriting that is rare to find. I need a copywriter that writes quickly and on-brief. Written & Recorded deliver every time. They’ve even driven to Ballarat to meet in my office – I haven’t come across many agencies in Melbourne that will do that!

Hardy Audio
Adele attended our Public Speaking Course

Serpil and James’ open and genuine approach to the Public Speaking Workshop made me feel at ease. Their considered presentation, including personal insights and anecdotes, clearly explained key points to successfully preparing and delivering a presentation (small or large). There were many easy to remember take-aways that I can readily implement into practice.

Graphic Designer

Written & Recorded uncovered stories that would have gone untold, found the right characters to bring them to life and then gave good advice to support pitching to media. Serpil and James handled the process admirably throughout; sharing discoveries, discussing new angles and managing stakeholders.

Movember Foundation
Neel | Podcast Production Agency | WRITTEN & RECORDED

This awesome team helped me launch the Diversity Initiative in our organisation. They explained what needed to happen to get a podcast launched, and make it good quality. Their editing is mind-blowing. The team even went out of their way to launch the podcast on social media, so we are able to leverage wider coverage.

Caron | Podcast Production Agency | WRITTEN & RECORDED

Serpil and James, with patience, skill and good humour, enabled me to launch a cutting edge podcast. I couldn’t be more delighted with the enormously positive response. Serpil is a whizz at story-telling and James a master in first class audio production. They have been partners and cheerleaders on every step of the journey.

Competition Lore
Tyson attended our Public Speaking Course

Serpil and James provided me with techniques to think differently about what I was saying, my approach and how to connect with my audience. The main take home was we are all story tellers – believe in what you are saying and your audience will come along with you for the ride.

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