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Writing w4llWriting well is a skoppWriting well is a skill that cqbveWriting well is a skill that can be learnedBusiness Writing Course
Writing w4llWriting well is a skoppWriting well is a skill that cqbveWriting well is a skill that can be learnedBusiness Writing Course

business writing

In the UX dominated digital age, if you’re not writing clear and scannable content, you’re likely to lose interest.

This course gives you practical skills on how you can write for everyone without dumbing down your message.

1. Simplicity

This is the opposite of dumbing it down. Short sentences and everyday language will ensure your readers comprehend and enjoy your writing. This writing course for professionals shows you how to write tightly edited sentences – with simplicity that makes every word matter.

2. Clarity

Getting to the precise point is often easier said than written. That’s because writing lacks the context provided by tone-of-voice, facial expressions and even a particular location. Clarity is about including this information in your writing effectively and seamlessly.

3. Grace

You know your writing lacks grace when it’s got a bunch of red or blue lines underneath different phrases – even the computer knows it’s no good. With grace you’ll transition smoothly between sentences and paragraphs, thoughts and ideas.

4. Colour

There’s a reason we prefer to sit down with a good novel than a text book. The latter is usually pretty dry and lacking on inspiration. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Financial reports can craft a creative turn-of-phrase without watering down the authority. Our business writing course shows you how to show your personality through your writing.

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write well

The modern economy is built on writing – it usually starts with a Google search.

Yet, a quick scan of the internet shows that many websites are cluttered with de-humanised and verbose copy.

The same can be said of business documents and brochures that are jargon heavy and full of obscure acronyms.

This business writing course will show you the fundamentals of good writing.


How many times have you just started writing and then found yourself wandering way off track. Planning the structure of your writing before you put pen to paper will keep your writing on track. More importantly, your reader will find it much more satisfying to read.

We’re all journalists

Writing like a journalist doesn’t mean you throw style out the window and stick to the cold hard facts. It’s about delivering information efficiently and effectively. It’s good for readers, and search engines love it too. Our business writing course demonstrates how to improve text with journalistic principals.

Different styles

Are you planning to inform, persuade, entertain or inspire? Each of these styles can be used in business writing, blog writing and for search engine optimised (SEO) goals. Adapting your style to suit your message will improve your writing.


The words you use and the way you arrange them can affect the tone-of-voice of your writing. There’s a big difference between writing with authority and writing that’s just passive aggressive. Discover how to strike the right pitch with this writing course for professionals.

Style guides

Every organisation should have a style guide, but few do. A style guide explains how we write numbers, abbreviations and more. Something as simple as a one-page explainer can save a lot of writing time – the results will be even more impressive.

Executive summary

The executive summary is a simple idea that can be very challenging in execution. In this business writing course we’ll show you how you can convert any document into an executive summary. It’s not only easier to write, but more useful for its intended purpose too.

Well wishes written well


Written & Recorded undertook a series of writing workshops with the studio. They tailored their presentation to our particular requirements and type of work. They were relevant and led the workshop in an engaging and compelling manner.


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