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Training Courses

A communication school that gets you noticed

Training Courses

A communication school that gets you noticed

Be heard
Be seen
Be influential

Training and professional development are vital for reaching personal and business targets.

Our communications training courses are designed to accelerate individual and organisational capabilities.

We’ll show you how to communicate with clarity and confidence, so your message resonates.

Public Speaking Course | Training Courses | Written & Recorded

Public Speaking Course

We show you how to deliver messages with impact. You’ll learn how to sound sharp and get your ideas across effectively.

Writing Course | Training Courses | WRITTEN & RECORDED

Writing Course

We activate your inner Hemingway. You’ll learn how to write clear, consistent and colourful content that converts.

James Explains Microphone Technique | Podcasting Course | WRITTEN & RECORDED

Podcasting Course

We show you how to propel your podcast. You’ll learn how to keep listeners engaged, and build a community of raving fans.

What's it like to work with us?

British High Commission | Public Speaking Course | WRITTEN & RECORDED

We had a very positive experience working with Written & Recorded on our webinar series. They provided expert insight, worked effectively to tight deadlines, across time zones, to deliver an entertaining and highly informative series.

British High Commission Canberra
Caron | Podcast Production Agency | WRITTEN & RECORDED

With patience, skill and good humour, Written & Recorded enabled me to launch a cutting edge podcast. I couldn’t be more delighted with the enormously positive response. They’re partners and cheerleaders on every step of the journey.

Competition Lore
Tyson attended our Public Speaking Course

Written & Recorded provided me with techniques to think differently about what I was saying and connect with my audience. The main take home – we’re all story tellers. Believe in what you are saying and your audience will come with you.

Sheean Creative
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