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5 Reasons Audio Is Better Than Video | Audio Vs Video | WRITTEN & RECORDED

5 reasons audio is better than video

Scientific evidence proves that audio comes out on top in the battle of audio vs video. In fact, we’ve got five conclusive reasons why audio is better than video.
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AI Content Can Improve Your Marketing | WRITTEN & RECORDED

Is artificial intelligence content writing possible?

We explore how artificial intelligence (AI) works, its ethical challenges and three ways you can put it to use today.
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A Forest Of Trees Towers Into Infinity To Represent The Choices Of Podcast Platform That Are Available.

Which podcast platform is best?

In this guide to podcast services, we’ll outline the main groups of podcast platforms and explain how they can help you at each stage of your podcasting journey.
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James Explains Microphone Technique | Podcasting Course | WRITTEN & RECORDED

How to measure ROI on podcasts

Here's three different methods of how to measure the ROI of podcasts, including the all-important dollars and cents, as well as the brand ROI and educational ROI.
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