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We’re a team of creative and strategic thinkers who specialise in brand storytelling.

We’re journalists, producers, audio engineers and communications experts.

We’ll invest in your brand to raise your visibility through persuasive and meaningful storytelling.

Founders Serpil Senelmis and James Brandis have honed their skills in the fast-paced and high-pressure environments of print, television, radio and online journalism.

We also partner with the best digital strategists, designers, marketing experts, video producers, photographers and PR professionals.

Our founders

Serpil Senelmis | Content Marketer | WRITTEN & RECORDED

Serpil Senelmis

Serpil has worked within media for over 20 years and brings passion, commitment, experience and an effervescent personality. In this time she has presented live TV and radio from local and international locations,  produced several high rating programs and written for numerous media outlets.
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James Brandis | Content Marketer | WRITTEN & RECORDED

James Brandis

James began his broadcasting career presenting commercial breakfast radio, moving to technical and production roles within the ABC for more than a decade.
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Be Focused

Focused people filter for the meaningful. This means we listen deeply, observe, and scan for what’s important. We care about how stories are told. We’re not distracted by the latest shiny thing, instead our eyes and ears are always laser-fixed on the headlines. In an age of distraction, we create moments, messages, and memories of clarity and connection.

Above and Beyond

Cheerleaders are people who encourage and motivate. This means we’re determined to support our clients’ success. We take time to understand every client’s personality and perspective, so we can flex our narrative muscle to make magic and meaningful impact. With trademark grit and tenacity, we take steps to deliver results.

Creatively Curious

Creatively curious people are problem solvers. We don’t just think outside of the box, we reimagine the box. This means we’re inquisitive at heart and understand that imagination is the source of every human achievement. We read, listen, watch, do a lot of playful thinking, and make sure we have a laugh. We ask a lot of questions, dive headfirst into research, forensically examine information, and take time to wonder. We know there are endless viewpoints, but we place our energy into telling stories with purpose.

Make a Difference

Changemakers are people who move the needle where it matters. This means we cherish truth, accuracy, integrity, quality, ethics, and diversity. The world is constantly changing and we’re working with that change to make it positive, to make a difference. We actively seek out opportunities to apply our skills, experience, and values with likeminded organisations.

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