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Bringing the art of storytelling to D.I.Y Advice guides

At a glance

Client: Bunnings


Solved home renovation problems & built trust

Inspired makeover projects

Helped consumers make better & more informed choices

Scope of work:

Research / interviewing / recording / copywriting / editing / stakeholder management / project management

Format: D.I.Y guides

Series: Ongoing

Industry: Consumer, home improvement, renovation, architecture

Project description

Bunnings Warehouse is the one-stop shop for snags and home improvements. The company not only prides itself on the lowest prices, but it also aims to deliver the best service and information. Using the power of storytelling, we created D.I.Y Advice guides to help Bunnings’s customers access expert advice.

The challenge

Australia is the renovation nation. In 2017, 62% of Australian homeowners became part of the home improvement club. In 2020, a worldwide pandemic brought the dream of a makeover to fever pitch. But when it comes to revamping our homes, things can go pear-shaped pretty quickly. It pays to choose the right materials and follow the right advice – this can save costly mistakes.

Bunnings stores stock around 45,000 products, including: plants, gardening equipment and supplies, indoor and outdoor lighting, flooring, heating and cooling, hand and power tools, paint, home storage, kitchens and appliances, garden furniture and play equipment, plumbing and electrical products, building supplies and timber.

The mission for Bunnings was to help its customers create a home sanctuary, and avoid any renovation fails.

The solution

‘Home is where the heart is.’ Written & Recorded took this old adage and created D.I.Y Advice for Bunnings customers to feature on its popular warehouse website.

Working to a clear brief, we brought to life step-by-step guides that provided instructional support for D.I.Y enthusiasts with a basic understanding of renovations. We injected colour and flair into these information rich documents using the art of storytelling. To ensure the resources provided the best advice and were simple to follow, we researched the Bunnings range of products, studied renovation methods and techniques, and interviewed home renovation experts approved by Bunnings.

Our D.I.Y Advice guides covered a range of spaces across the home, including: the bathroom, outdoors areas, the garden and the living area. Some examples include:

The outcome

Bunnings is a popular and trusted brand for Australian home renovators. We reinforced that trust by creating content that addressed the immediate problems of consumers. We answered those burning questions that start with, ‘how do you….’

Our guides also nurtured the ongoing relationship that Bunnings has with its customers – to help them get inspired about home renovation projects.

Written & Recorded helped Bunnings’s customers to make better and more informed choices when it comes to picking products and executing a renovation project.

We have been adding written content to the Bunnings suite of D.I.Y Advice resources since 2018.

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What's it like to work with us?


Written & Recorded uncovered stories, found the right characters to bring them to life and gave good advice to pitch to media. They handled the process admirably – sharing discoveries, discussing new angles, and managing stakeholders.

Movember Foundation
Hardy Audio | Podcast Production Agency | WRITTEN & RECORDED

Written & Recorded bring a freshness and enthusiasm to copywriting that is rare to find. I need a copywriter that writes quickly and on-brief. Written & Recorded deliver every time. They’ve even driven to Ballarat to meet in my office.

Hardy Audio
Robbie | Podcast Production Agency | WRITTEN & RECORDED

We’ve had difficulty with copywriters who just don’t get what we do. Written & Recorded bring a journalistic approach to uncovering the story. They not only got it, but I could see my words, the way I would express myself, in the copy.

Exvos Consulting
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