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Masters Series

Masters Series puts industry professionals in front of a room full of startups and entrepreneurs to share their experience and secrets to success. Every week we sit down at the feet of founders to learn from their adventures. Whether you’re running a small business or side-hustle, or you’re dreaming of that moment you can break free from the corporate world and be your own boss – in each episode you’ll pick up some valuable tips and tricks all wrapped up in a cracking yarn.

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5 reasons why sound is better than video

An old FM Radio emphasises the power of sound

For a long time, sound was the king of communication. It took a backseat with the arrival of television and was further relegated by the internet. Now, in a world that’s overwhelmed by visual communication, sound has found a way to cut through. This is why you should use audio instead of video.

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The value of diversity in ICT

Infosys Diverse ICT Podcast Tile

Louiza Nutt is an ICT professional who finds she is often the only woman in the room. As part of VIC ICT For Women, Louiza is helping businesses realise the benefits of a a diverse workforce – for both the business and the women involved.

Louiza and VIC ICT For Women Chair Chris Conway spoke at a brown bag session for Infosys Consulting on the challenges and benefits of increasing diversity. With a room full of male ICT professionals and many more listening in on the conference call, Louiza explained that the problem starts early in a woman’s life when she is only praised for successful outcomes – while men are praised for just having a go.

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Office Playlist: The Real Thing and Car Seat Headrest

The Real Thing podcast tile and Car Seat Headrest's 'Twin Fantasy' album cover

Sometimes it’s nice to blow out the cobwebs, so things got a bit loud on the Office Playlist this week. The Real Thing is an ABC podcast collecting real stories from across Australia. Car Seat Headrest is a dumb name for a great band with loud guitars.

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Comparing content: Text Vs Audio

Waveform of audio from an interview

The content genie has well and truly been released from its bottle and there’s no stuffing it back in. Our worlds have become a swirl of infinite content – audio and text from the moment we rub the sleep from our eyes until we fall back into slumber – the content sprites wink, wave and whistle for our attention.

UoM: What’s driving the ACCC probe into tech giants?

New frontiers in global competition and consumer law: Professor Caron Beaton-Wells is the Director of the online Global Competition and Consumer Law program at the University of Melbourne. Here she discusses the merits of the program as well as the 18-month ACCC inquiry into digital platforms.

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Office Playlist: Black Hands and Slowdive

Office Playlist - Black Hands - Slowdive

There was a darkness on the Office Playlist this week. Black Hands is a chilling true-crime podcast that re-negotiates our relationship with picture perfect New Zealand. And while Slowdive’s first album in 23 years has a black cover, it’s music that will restore and nourish your soul.

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Office Playlist: Harry’s Last Stand and Arcade Fire

Harry's Last Stand and Arcade Fire's 'Everything Now' are on our office playlist

The Written & Recorded office hums to the sound of podcasts and music. Once a week we’ll highlight our favourite new podcast and album. This week the oldest man in podcasting presents Harry’s Last Stand and we enter the less-than-virtuous circle of Arcade Fire’s ‘Everything Now’.