Advertisers are looking at podcasts all wrong

Podcast listener with fake foam headphones

Advertising on podcasts is one way to reach large numbers of consumers. Whether or not they want to hear from you. But there are better ways that podcasts can add value for your customers. And they can help you grow an engaged community of brand advocates.

5 reasons why audio is better than video

For a long time, audio was the king of communication. It took a backseat with the arrival of television and was further relegated by the internet. Now, in a world that’s overwhelmed by visual communication, audio has found a way to cut through. This is why you should make a sound choice in the battle of audio vs video.

Why you need an audio strategy

People are gathering around voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa to listen to podcasts like some sort of old-timey radio hour. Podcasts are being listened to in ever-increasing numbers – even McDonalds has one called ‘The Sauce’. And it’s not uncommon to pass people in the street who are listening to their phones like a transistor radio.