How to write well

A writing workshop group working on their writing

The modern economy is built on writing – it usually starts with a Google search. Yet, a quick scan of the internet shows that many websites are cluttered with de-humanised and verbose copy. The same can be said of business documents and brochures that are jargon heavy and full of obscure acronyms.

In the UX dominated digital age, if you’re not writing clear and scannable content, you’re likely to lose interest. This masterclass gives you practical skills on how you can write for everyone without dumbing down your message.

What you’ll learn

  • The four steps to good writing
  • How to structure your writing to progress your ideas
  • How to think and write like a journalist
  • An understanding of different styles of writing
  • Why it’s important to adopt tone-of-voice and editorial style guides; and
  • An ability to create the best reader experience.  

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