How to pitch

You can’t change minds without winning hearts. To influence what client’s do, you need to change the way they feel. The most powerful way to pitch and to connect with the people you want to work with is to tell a great story. It’s the best way to demonstrate your understanding and deep knowledge of the client and their problem. 

The simple truth is people buy from people, so pitching is simply an exercise in relationship building. Pitching is a skill that can be learned and training every member of your team to pitch well is a far better investment than templates for slideshows and pitch docs.

In this masterclass you’ll discover the steps to building and delivering a confident and convincing pitch. Designed to be interactive and hands-on, the session will end with a pitch battle to put your skills to use immediately. 

What you’ll learn

  • Tools to structure your pitch
  • The 7 elements of an effective pitch
  • The psychology of getting buy in 
  • Strategies to tame the fight or flight response; and
  • Tactics on how to close a pitch. 

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