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Serpil Senelmis presents a workshop on pitching effectively
  • Presentation & public speaking
  • How to write well
  • How to pitch
Serpil Senelmis presenting a workshop on public speaking

Presentation & Public Speaking

Mastering the art of public speaking is the easiest way to persuade, influence and motivate an audience – whether that’s one person or a 1000 people. The ability to speak well in front of an audience is a valuable asset for those that can do it and a costly liability for those that can’t. Thankfully public speaking is a skill that can be learned, and this masterclass provides tools that you can put to use immediately.

A writing workshop group working on their writing

How to write well

The modern economy is built on writing – it usually starts with a Google search. Yet, a quick scan of the internet shows that many websites are cluttered with de-humanised and verbose copy. The same can be said of business documents and brochures that are jargon heavy and full of obscure acronyms.

Serpil Senelmis presenting a workshop on how to pitch

How to pitch

You can’t change minds without winning hearts. To influence what client’s do, you need to change the way they feel. The most powerful way to pitch and to connect with the people you want to work with is to tell a great story. It’s the best way to demonstrate your understanding and deep knowledge of the client and their problem.