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Competition Lore is a podcast that we took from concept to an international audience for a professor from the University of Melbourne.

The challenge

Caron Beaton-Wells is a Professor at the University of Melbourne who is passionate about bringing academics down from their ivory towers. 

She wanted to create a podcast that would encourage international experts to discuss their research, knowledge and ideas with the general public.

As the Director of the University’s Global Competition and Consumer Law program, Caron has a busy schedule. So, she was looking for a ‘one-stop-shop’ to take her podcast project from idea to existence.

The solution

Written & Recorded created a podcast production plan that included training for Caron, artwork design management, email marketing and a website to house the finished product.

We began by recording an interview with Caron to create a template for the podcast. Having something that we could all hear and manipulate helped in making decisions about sound and style. 

Next we recommended a microphone and an online service that would facilitate international interviews from any location. We provided training in the use of the microphone, conducting interviews and getting the best out of interviewees.

As the first interview approached, we recommended and worked with designers to manage the production of artwork for the podcast and the website. Working with a tight budget, Caron wanted a cost-effective website that she could eventually manage on her own. We built the website on WordPress and trained Caron in uploading and maintaining the content.

Caron Beaton-Wells interviews two ACCC staff members

With the first interview recorded, we set up an email newsletter in Mailchimp to introduce the podcast to the world. Again, we trained Caron in the use and management of Mailchimp.

The final stage in bringing the podcast project from idea to existence was to let the world know that it existed. In addition to the email newsletter, we crafted a media release for the podcast and distributed it to traditional and online media. This resulted in a national radio interview on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and articles in Pursuit, Lawyers Weekly, and the Competition Policy International

And to top it all off we arranged for the podcast to appear in the New and Featured section of Apple Podcasts.

The Outcome

The Competition Lore podcast has helped Caron reach a global audience of academics, students and consumers who are concerned about big data, privacy and digital disruption. Each episode attracts at least 1000 listeners, and episodes are often shared on social media via the promotional video preview we prepare.

Caron met a number of the Competition Lore podcast’s fans when she was invited to deliver the keynote address at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in Geneva. Since launching the podcast, she has also been invited to speak about Competition and the Digital economy at the OECD in Paris and the Australian Davos Forum in Queensland. Caron has also been appointed to the Australian Competition Tribunal, the Australian Government’s review body for decision makers like the ACCC.

Since launch, Competition Lore has also been recorded in front of an audience as part of the Melbourne Law School’s Digital Citizens Conference. We have also enabled Caron to record interviews on location in Google’s offices and at the University of Melbourne.

Caron Beaton-Wells speaks to Frank Pasquale while Written & Recorded record the interview