The Constant Investor is an online investment newsletter published by Alan Kohler who is best known for his nightly finance reports on ABC News. Alan created the website to highlight exciting companies with the intention of communicating that excitement through podcasts.

James Brandis led Alan’s small team to make those podcasts possible, and built a micro-studio in the Hawthorn office. He devised a recording system that enabled high quality phone interviews while eliminating the noise of the train station next door. The recording kit was also flexible enough to be packed up for  travelling when recording on  location.

With the recording facilities in place, James secured exclusive music to provide a theme for the podcast and designed a program that was varied, yet concise and enjoyable to listen to.

The Constant Investor launched in July 2016 with the flagship podcast Talking Finance.

Within weeks Alan was approached by financial planner Catherine Robson who wanted to contribute a podcast to The Constant Investor. James advised Catherine on the recording equipment she would require, then trained her in setting up and recording interviews in the field.

James established a system where Catherine could record on location, then transfer the recorded files to him with the internet for editing. James secured rights-free music and designed the Success Stories podcast.

Since that first training session, the entire editing and uploading process has been managed remotely.

Today The Constant Investor has 5 flagship podcasts (including The Money Cafe) and records daily interviews in multiple configurations.