Navigating Your Startup’s Critical Years

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The first five years in business are a wild roller-coaster ride, with many steep learning curves and plenty of slippery snakes in the form of mistakes. Side-hustle mentor Ruby Lee advises founders to step back occasionally and take a moment to appreciate what they’ve achieved before ploughing headlong into the next challenge. And Speedlancer founder Adam Stone recommends using freelancers as an integral part of the business, not just for support when things get busy. Together they provide some entertaining personal experiences in business, with a few good tips to make years 1-5 a bit easier.


Masters Series: How to Turn Your Passion Into Your Business

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Many businesses start as a passion project, built around the founder’s love for their craft. While that’s often enough to get the ball rolling, it usually take’s a lot more to keep it bouncing along. In this episode, two entrepreneurs explain how they turned their passion into their business, with some sage advice for the challenges that face all founders.

Masters Series: Content Marketing 101

Brands connect with their markets through content. These are stories — that move and touch the core of a person’s being — that reach out to your audience. Marketing through effective storytelling, in oral, written or visual form, is an art you can master, which you can use to share your message, generating the kind of response you want, and bridging your brand to your public.

UoM: What’s driving the ACCC probe into tech giants?

New frontiers in global competition and consumer law: Professor Caron Beaton-Wells is the Director of the online Global Competition and Consumer Law program at the University of Melbourne. Here she discusses the merits of the program as well as the 18-month ACCC inquiry into digital platforms.

The Story of Outward Bound in Anakiwa

We weren’t looking for a story on our holiday to New Zealand, but a story found us and trailed us all the way from Mt Taranaki in the north island to Anakiwa in the south where we discovered Outward Bound. Turns out there was more in us than we realised! This is how the story came together.