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5 reasons why sound is better than video

An old FM Radio emphasises the power of sound

For a long time, sound was the king of communication. It took a backseat with the arrival of television and was further relegated by the internet. Now, in a world that’s overwhelmed by visual communication, sound has found a way to cut through. This is why you should use audio instead of video.

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Top Five with a Bullet: Feelings

A plane that looks like a frog eating a fly - Frog Plane from Austin Roberts video All Kinds of Planes

Every week we collect our five favourite things from around the web and this week we’ve got all the feels. There’s a podcast by refugees about the refugee experience, a rejectionathon, some creative chaps 3D-printing prosthetic hands for kids around the world, and an inspiring kids book animated before your very eyes. As always we’ve snuck in an extra treat for you too.

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Maintaining quality content as your business grows

Five fists bump over a work table with laptops to celebrate quality content as their business grows.

For startups, small business and even larger businesses, there’s often one person responsible for the marketing content on websites, social media and beyond. As the business grows, that person may become a freelancer, an external agency or a marketing team. With some strategic actions you can maintain quality content as your business grows.

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Top Five with a Bullet: Clowns

Evil clown Mr Jelly

Okay they’re not all clowns in the Top Five but as a coverall, the term does apply quite nicely. After all, there’s a new study into Trump’s election success, analysis of Finlands universal basic income, the spread of dangerous rumours through SMS and the destruction of work culture through IM. But the most important clown story reveals why we fear them so much. Oh and some guy’s decided to bury aeroplanes for art. Here’s your Top Five!

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Office Playlist: Australian Podcast Awards & Kylie Minogue

Australian Podcast Awards logo and Kylie Minogue's 'Golden' album cover

Continuing on from last week’s Office Playlist, we’re focussing on Australia. The Australian Podcast Awards have brought some amazing podcasts into the spotlight, while Kylie Minogue’s new album Golden may have just turned that colour because it was left out in the country sun too long.

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A Content strategy for the first five years of business

A flower with five petals

Most articles about the first five years in business focus on the high risk of failure and what can be done to mitigate those risks. We’re turning that on its head! Here’s how content can support the fledgling years of a business and guide the way to success.

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Office Playlist: The Real Thing and Car Seat Headrest

The Real Thing podcast tile and Car Seat Headrest's 'Twin Fantasy' album cover

Sometimes it’s nice to blow out the cobwebs, so things got a bit loud on the Office Playlist this week. The Real Thing is an ABC podcast collecting real stories from across Australia. Car Seat Headrest is a dumb name for a great band with loud guitars.

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Comparing content: Text Vs Audio

Waveform of audio from an interview

The content genie has well and truly been released from its bottle and there’s no stuffing it back in. Our worlds have become a swirl of infinite content – audio and text from the moment we rub the sleep from our eyes until we fall back into slumber – the content sprites wink, wave and whistle for our attention.

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Content 101: here’s the tools you need

Ophelie Lechat & Beatrix Holland are content experts and recommend some useful tools for calm content making

The demand to sustain the overwhelming gluttonous content beast can throw even the calmest content creators into a panicked tailspin. But the good news is you don’t have to take the splatter gun approach to creating content and risk looking like an over-stuffed sock draw. Here’s 6 great tools for content control.

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Office Playlist: Black Hands and Slowdive

Office Playlist - Black Hands - Slowdive

There was a darkness on the Office Playlist this week. Black Hands is a chilling true-crime podcast that re-negotiates our relationship with picture perfect New Zealand. And while Slowdive’s first album in 23 years has a black cover, it’s music that will restore and nourish your soul.

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Make your content go that extra mile

A road disappears into the distance

Once you’ve punched in the final full-stop in your article, or pressed the stop button on your podcast recording, know that there’s more in that story. Creating engaging content should be core to your communications and or marketing strategy – but driving it further should be just as important.

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Why you need an audio strategy

People are gathering around voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa to listen to podcasts like some sort of old-timey radio hour. Podcasts are being listened to in ever-increasing numbers – even McDonalds has one called ‘The Sauce’. And it’s not uncommon to pass people in the street who are listening to their phones like a transistor radio.

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Office Playlist: Harry’s Last Stand and Arcade Fire

Harry's Last Stand and Arcade Fire's 'Everything Now' are on our office playlist

The Written & Recorded office hums to the sound of podcasts and music. Once a week we’ll highlight our favourite new podcast and album. This week the oldest man in podcasting presents Harry’s Last Stand and we enter the less-than-virtuous circle of Arcade Fire’s ‘Everything Now’.

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Tales from Taranaki: Great story-telling is not just in the telling

Mount Taranaki peers through the clouds on New Zealand's north island. Pic: Copyright © 2018 Written & Recorded

From fairy tales to film, literature to theatre, journalism to marketing – the art of story-telling has the ability to change hearts and minds. We’ve been telling stories for centuries to understand the world around us and explain the world to each other. But what makes a great story?

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What politics can teach us out about a consistent content message


Barnaby Joyce has bowed out from the role of Deputy Prime Minister and no-one is surprised. His affair with former staffer Vicki Campion created reverberations around the nation, with calls to have him sacked for breaching ministerial standards. And after three weeks of relentless media coverage which crudely displayed Mr Joyce’s private life – who could forget the indelicate puns like ‘a bundle of Joyce’ – Australians can finally move on. But there’s a lesson to be learnt here for content makers.

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Fewer words make bigger impact at the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards

Premier Daniel Andrew’s didn’t bother to unfurl the speech prepared for him.

No doubt his speechwriter had worked hard to present the State Government’s contribution to literature in a good light, along with a few details on other policies that may be loosely related to words, books or education. But this was not the audience for that speech.

The M Pavilion in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Gardens was overflowing with writers, readers and the 21 shortlisted authors. Full of cheese, wine and a wicked sense of fun inspired by the vibrant host Candy Bowers, they just wanted to know who was going to win.