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Why work hard for somebody else, when you can work hard for yourself… and enjoy the rewards that come with that. It’s the motivation that’s launched many businesses, but the first step to leave the 9-5 takes a lot of courage.

Featuring Emma Welsh of Emma and Tom’s Foods and Bill McCorkell from Archiblox on how they left the 9-5 to create their own successful businesses.

Masters Series puts industry professionals in front of a room full of startups and entrepreneurs to share their experience and secrets to success.

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Emma Welsh was restructured out of a job when old friend Tom got in touch to suggest they start a business. Emma and Tom’s is one of the most recognised juice brands in Australia, but their first batch almost didn’t make it into the bottle. Emma describes the experience of leaving the 9-5 and how the role of the entrepreuner is basically about problem solving.

Bill McCorkell experienced life as a builder and an architect before striking out on his own to combine both skills with Archiblox. Less than a decade later the business has been recognised for innovation by Fast Company in the US. Bill admits to making mistakes, but says the secret is to learn from them to do better next time.

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