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The buzzy rush of energy that drives startups can quickly become overwhelming and stressful. It often just takes one unexpected event to highlight the silent buildup of stress. This podcast delivers some great tips for managing the monster, all tested with personal experience.

Masters Series puts industry professionals in front of a room full of startups and entrepreneurs to share their experience and secrets to success.

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Omar de Silva founded The Plato Project to support startups and entrepreneurs with a little bit of good philosophy. After narrowly avoiding self destruction, Omar realised he needed to address the stress in business life. He delivers some great tips for managing the monster, all tested with his personal experience.

When six people were killed by a reckless driver outside her office, Debra Longin questioned everything in her life – especially why she was working in a stressful job she didn’t love. Seeing her stress reflected in the startup community, Debra founded MAW Creative to bring some mindfulness, art and wellbeing to founders.

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Masters Series is produced in partnership with our friends at WeTeachMe.

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