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Louiza Nutt is an ICT professional who finds she is often the only woman in the room. As part of VIC ICT For Women, Louiza is helping businesses realise the benefits of a a diverse workforce – for both the business and the women involved.

Louiza and VIC ICT For Women Chair Chris Conway spoke at a brown bag session for Infosys Consulting on the challenges and benefits of increasing diversity. With a room full of male ICT professionals and many more listening in on the conference call, Louiza explained that the problem starts early in a woman’s life when she is only praised for successful outcomes – while men are praised for just having a go.

It’s inspiring to hear the passion of Louiza and Chris as they talk. This isn’t an impossible challenge, we just have to make small changes for big outcomes. And Jayant Sharma, Partner at Infosys consulting, has committed to doing that for his team.

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