The silent rock from Adam J. Kurtz's Life: A Story in Painted Inspirational Rocks

Our top 5 inspirational online encounterings for the week! Man as meat, bugs as saviours, rocks as the story of life and more!

What’s making us think: something to listen to

Meat is a mesmerising podcast “about our bodies and the lives we live because of them.” Hosted by Jonathan Zenti, an independent radio producer based in Rome, Italy the podcast explores how the human body is “a cage for human behaviour, made by flesh and bones that affects the way we interact with the rest of the world.” In episode 1, Zenti takes us on an emotionally torturous personal journey where he succumbs to the social pressure to stay trim and starts a desperate attempt to shed the gargantuan life raft that has become his body. But all the while he mourns his voluminous curves which he adores and has grown to love ever so deeply. This podcast was one of the finalists for Radiotopia’s Podquest in 2016, and it comes with a suave Italian accent – bonus!

What’s inspiring us: something to read

Who could forget former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s infamous and impassioned misogyny speech back in 2012? During her leadership between 2010 and 2013 she was no stranger to ongoing and unwelcome sexism. She was even weirdly parodied in an ABC TV sitcom, At Home with Julia. Recently the ex PM told SMH that “Power usually looks like a king.” But now she’s about to turn that all on its head by launching the first Global Institute for Women’s Leadership with Kings College London – and she will be its inaugural chair. Ms Gillard says the new role was personal and the challenge to create change in the way women were treated comes from “deep within”. Of course, Hilary Clinton tweeted about it!

What’s entertaining us: something to watch

When legendary Adelaide performance artist John Haysman isn’t working in the wineries at Claire Valley he can be spotted donning his eye-catching and unique attire – speedos and white gumboots – dancing freely on the rooftops of boats or cradling Ford Falcons. There’s something inspirational in his ability to unashamedly express himself. This local hero recently appeared in ABC TV’s the Mix and he’s even got his own Johnny Haysman Appreciation society. What a guy!

What’s exciting us: something to watch

Minibeast Heroes introduces us to the wee little bugs that have a huge impact on our planet. From the germinator – the Ant – to the terminator – the Ladybird – each minibeast has a superpower. The series is chock full of fun facts for both the kiddies and adults alike. And just how important are these little invertebrates to our survival on the planet? Charles Darwin once said, “there’s a lowly little creature that’s contributed to the history of our world more than any other animal on earth.” He was talking about the earthworm of course. But I bet you’re wondering, can an earthworm survive being ripped in half? You’ll have to watch to find out. Here’s a clue: the answer is in episode 4. Confession: a few of our inspirational and clever friends are behind this equally clever series. 

What’s making us think about the basics: something to view

The New Yorker’s story in painted inspirational rocks has made us take a moment to ponder the simple things in life. Aside from death – which is a certainty for all of us at one point – all of the feelings, emotions, learnings and states-of-being represented on these rocks remind us of what it is to be human. We are flawed, we suffer, we are full of uncertainty – but we also are shrewd, and we love a belly laugh. Oh, humans!

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