A still image from Gifs Collection #2, what's inspiring us this week
A still image from Gifs Collection #2, what's inspiring us this week

Each week we’ll be sharing content with you that’s caught our eye and pricked our ears. This week we found a video of gifs with music by Björk which is inspiring.

What’s making us think: something to watch

Minimalism: a documentary about the important things

This thought-provoking documentary reminds us that there’s more to life than bills, money and work. Putting our hectic lives under a microscope, it outlines how advertising has polluted every aspect of our lives for the past 100 years, turning us into mindless consumers. The takeaway is “love people and use things,” not the other way around!

What’s making us reflect: something to read

The lost children of the Empire and the attempted Aboriginal genocide is an article from The Conversation that makes the argument that “a fuller social and historical account of child abuse linked to the actions of the British government is needed. One that contrasts the cases of the ‘forgotten children’ who were white and the ‘stolen children’ who were black. It’s a challenging read that digs deep in our recent past, reminding us that the hurt felt is still in living memory.

What’s making us laugh: something to listen to

A very Fatal Murder is the Onion’s true crime podcast parody. It channels the big hits like Serial and S-Town – telling us about the fictional death of 17-year-old Hayley Price, who as the host David Pascall points out excelled at many things, including ‘being murdered’. A Perfect Murder is episode 1 of the series, where you’ll meet ETHeL, an extremely timely homicide locator who’s helping David to find the “most violent, interesting, and culturally relevant murder cases in America.” You get the idea. It’s not laugh-out-loud material, but it’s still pretty funny. (Confession: not all team members of Written & Recorded were laughing).

What’s inspiring us: something to watch

Motionographer is a website bursting with creativity. Featuring videos from studios, freelancers and students – it’s a wormhole that will suck you in with its clever animations and storytelling. Gifs collection #2 is an aptly titled collection of gifs from Rafael Araujo set to the distinct voice of Björk. There’s something quiet hypnotic in the interplay of imagery and Bjork’s voice. On days where we feel that we’re walking through sludge, we draw motivation from this site and so can you.

What’s making us change habits: something to read

Running a small business, we’re quickly discovering, requires you to wear multiple hats. In any given day, we might complete the job of a marketing manager, bookkeeper, IT expert, social media guru and journalist. And there are so many temptations to slow you down when trying to complete every task. So we’re seeking ways to avoid the continuous distractions and taking sage advice from people like Dr Amantha Imber who talks about Three Ways to Break Your Addiction to distractions.

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